Starters and Appetisers

The perfect start to your main meal. Commonly known as just starters are a transitional way to wake up your taste buds. Starters tend to be small servings and enable you to sample the delights of a restaurant while your main meal is being prepared. Often a platter can be ordered to allow you to sample a wide choice of different types of cuisine, normally these are a selection from the tandoori.

Nowadays, the starter is often the first course of a meal, served directly before the main course. Starters come in a wide variety and may be served hot (vol-au-vents, soufflés) or cold (cold cuts, pâtés). However, in English meals they are served as part of a formal dinner, they may be served after the soup or the hors d'oeuvres. It is rare to find soups on an Indian restaurant's menu and are normally the first course. 

Indian cuisine is no different, a vast array of starters are commonplace on the menu. Including a lot of vegetarian options, Often when being seated you will be given a plate of poppadums along with some dips and chutneys. These are often complimentary but more can be ordered if you would like extra to accompany your main meal.