Lamb Sheek Kebabs Recipe

Lamb Sheek Kebabs Recipe

Sheek kebabs come in many forms from around the world but in BIR cooking mutton is often used and not lamb. Mutton tends to carry more flavour and is just older sheep. Many supermarkets now sell minced lamb and mutton is becoming more common. Either will do for creating this unique starter.

Although you can cook under a grill it is recommended you use a BBQ. This creates a better smokey flavour. A gas BBQ with a lid is ideal as it mimics a tandoori by cooking the meat from all sides and not just from the flame source.

Prep time under 10 minutes
overnight in fridge
Cooking time 12 minutes


Makes 4 large kebabs

400gm minced lamb/mutton
1 x tablespoon tandoori masala
1 x tablespoon garlic/ginger paste
1 heaped teaspoon chilli powder (or more for hotter)
pinch red food colouring (optional)


Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, knead all the ingredients together similar to bread dough until thoroughly mixed

Place in a fridge overnight to allow the mixture to get as cold as possible and the spices to marinate the meat. Having the meat cold is also key to the mixture going stiff and allowing you to form the kababs. More chilli can be added if you prefer hotter versions also the use of fresh finely chopped chilli can add to the taste.

Divided the mixture into 8 which should be slightly larger than a golf ball size. These balls are then squeezed onto a skewer, keep your hands wet while doing this and it helps prevent the fat from sticking to your hands.

Place under a grill on 200c turning every 2 minutes (or a BBQ)

Serve with a slice of lemon and coriander for garnish.
Mint sauce is also a perfect dip for this starter.