How to Cook Poppadum's at Home

Cooking Poppadum's

Also referred to as poppadom, papad, pappadam or papadum but they are all the same and made from urad flour and oil the issue comes with drying them unless you have a dehydrator but either way it is a lengthy process so in this case, it is best to copy what the restaurants do and buy the uncooked versions. 

These are very often given free in restaurants as you are shown to your table along with a selection of dips and chutneys, takeaways you have to purchase them.

Many supermarkets now stock both cooked and uncooked versions. Avoid the cooked variety as they are expensive and don't give you the same results. If you have an Asian shop near you then it is well worth the trip to purchase these. There are many brands and flavours available but look out for the plain or Madras versions that are e what is served in your favourite restaurant. 



All you need is a frying pan or wok and vegetable oil. It is best to cook 2 at a time and takes 4 - 6 seconds to fry. When taking them out place something heavy on top of them or a large plate to get them flat. Personally, I use a heavy wooden chopping board but anything to press them flat that you have to hand. 

Below is a video of how a restaurant makes these in a wok in large quantities ready for that evening's service.



There are quite a few recipes around for how to microwave poppadoms but they do not offer the same results and if you're looking for the authentic taste then I would avoid this method.