Kashmiri Masala Paste

Kashmiri Masala Paste

Here is one version of this famous masala paste although there are a few around. There are also many commercial ones if you prefer to buy them ready-made.

Can be used in a lot of recipes to add extra depth to the final dish.



Whole spices

Tablespoon coriander seeds
Tablespoon cumin seeds
Tablespoon black pepper
½ Tablespoon dry chilli flakes
½ tablespoon green cardamom pods
Teaspoon of Methi
5 Bay leafs
5 Cloves
2 Star of Anise

Powder Spices

Tablespoon Garlic powder
½ Tablespoon Ginger powder
Tablespoon Mix powder
Teaspoon salt
2 x tablespoons of white vinegar


Roast all the whole spices in a dry pan to release the oils on medium heat for 5 mins, stir constantly as you don’t want them to burn, take off the heat and allow to cool. The smell will be quite strong so expect complaints from the spouse.

Once cool put everything into a blender or coffee grinder and blend until completely smooth.

Add the powder spices and blitz again.

Return to the pan and add vegetable oil, old oil (spiced oil) is best but fresh is ok if you’re out. Keep adding to form a loose paste. Add the vinegar and enough water to make the mixture quite runny. Bring up to a simmer and keep stirring, it will bubble and splatter but keep going while there is steam coming off. The mixture will thicken as the water evaporates off, once the water has gone you will be left with a thick paste with quite a lot of floating oil.

Allow to cool then place in an air-tight container and pop in the fridge, this mixture will last for months so you can make it up in quite large batches.

Can be used in many dishes to add extra depth, also a great ingredient in Sheek kababs, Onion Bhahi's and Chicken Tikka marinades.

You don’t need much, a teaspoon or 2 as this is quite a strong masala.

The floating dark oil is also fantastic and that on its own can be added to base sauces although I would leave enough to cover the spices in the jar.