Chicken Korma Recipe

Chicken Korma Recipe

Although Korma is commonly known as a very mild sweet curry its roots are far from it. It is basically a slow-cooked curry traditionally and can be extremely hot. However, in British restaurants, it is normally served BIR style and is very quick to cook and produces a sweet creamy curry with little to no heat so suitable for everyone who doesn't like hot spices. especially useful when introducing children to curries. 

Normally yellow in colour and served as a chicken dish although any meat can be used.

As you can see from the ingredients this is not the healthiest curry and most people will be shocked by the amount of sugar and cream used. But if you want it as good as your local takeaway then that's what you will need. A typical chicken korma is around 1000 calories and that's not including rice, naan, etc but hell it tastes good. :)

Cooking time under 10 minutes 


Serves 1 

4 x tablespoon sugar
4 x tablespoon of desiccated Coconut
1 x tablespoon of almond powder
a ladle of base sauce (about 100 ml)
a pot of single cream (around 200 ml)
6 - 8 pieces of pre-cooked chicken
a little yellow food colouring or turmeric powder
knob of Ghee



Add the sugar, coconut and almond powder to a frying pan and heat while stirring, add the ladle of base sauce and stir well.

Add a little yellow food colouring (powder form) or a pinch of turmeric powder.
Add the pre-cooked chicken and allow it to thicken on medium heat stirring occasionally.

Near the end as the sauce thickens add a knob of Ghee, as soon as its melted take off the heat and serve
When serving, add an extra line of cream down the centre,