Balti Masala Paste

A mild in heat masala but packed with flavour.

A must if your thinking of cooking balti style meals but a spoon of this masala can be used in many dish’s to add extra flavour.

This masala will keep for a while in the fridge in a air tight container but it should be made in small bases due to some of the fresh ingredients.

When making this masala  the aroma can be quite strong so best done in a vented room.


Wet ingredients
4 table spoons oil
2 table spoon garlic / ginger paste
1 table spoon tomato puree
1 table spoon of fresh coriander stalks (finely chopped)
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Dry ingredients
1 table spoon coriander powder
1 table spoon cumin powder
2 table spoon mix powder
1 table spoon turmeric powder
1 tablespoon fennel seeds
1 tablespoon sugar or jaggery
10 green cardamom pods
1 star anise
1 table spoon curry leaves
1 table spoon black pepper corns
1 teaspoon salt


Place all the dry spices into a frying pan and gently roast until their aroma is released, be careful to not burn these spices else they will go bitter. Set aside and allow to cool.

Add the oil to the same pan and add the wet ingredients except the water and allow to cook slowly for 5 minutes.
Put the dry ingredients into a blender and blend to the smoothest you can achieve.
Add the now powdered dry ingredients to the frying pan and add enough water to form the thickness of tomato soup.

Simmer this mixture until all the water has gone and the mixture has formed a thick paste.
place into a sealable jar and top off with a little oil so no air can enter the jar.

Store in a fridge.

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